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  • What Should I Expect from Urban Slopes?
    You dream of the excitement and the challenge, but a busy schedule and the off-season keep you off the slopes. Our snow sports simulators let you experience the powder all year long in an action-packed adventure that comes as close to reality as you can get. Avoid the lifts and lines at Urban Slopes but capture the thrills. After the session ends, enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of our authentic ski lodge. Kick up your heels in chairs fashioned from downhill skis or hang out on an authentic ski lift while you sip craft beers from popular ski towns.
  • How Does It Work?
    It's Authentic... A powerful drive system powered by servo motors recreates the g-force of a run on our simulators to recreate the physical sensation and biomechanics felt on the slopes. It's Smart... Smart sensors track every motion from ski or snowboard position, speed, the edging angles of every turn, and the distance traveled. It's Varied... Vary trails by ability and adjust snow conditions, from hard packed to soft snow & icy conditions. Make the course more challenging by adding bumps or mogul-like terrain. It's Realistic... Virtual reality makes it real. Visualize your experience with a three-dimensional, three-unit multimedia projection of the running slope in stunning resolution. It's Recorded... A central computer receives and analyzes responses & tracks your achievements. Access your stats such as distance traveled, edging angles, race times and more to track progress. It's Safe... Do not hit the trees! This is an authentic experience. Just kidding! You are safe, even if you do. Our simulator safely comes to a stop when it senses a fall or an impact.
  • Who Can Train?
    This is safe snow sports experience that everyone can enjoy! Our instructors have worked with people of all ages, from 2 to 82! Beginners to advanced skiers and snowboarders, racers and Olympic pros benefit from our simulated experience. Whether you seek to learn or perfect your skills, recover from an injury, or get in a good workout, the Urban Slopes experience is for you.
  • What Should I Wear?
    Train in your own boots or rent them from us. All we really need is you. Put on some comfortable clothes and let us handle the rest.
  • How Long Are the Sessions?
    We sell increments of 15-, 30- or 60-minute sessions. Break 30-minute sessions into 15-minute segments if you wish; all sessions include guided instruction from an experienced instructor if desired.
  • Can I Ski AND Snowboard?
    Yes, with a simple adjustment to our machine you can either ski or snowboard!
  • How Did Urban Slopes Come To Be?
    As a busy business owner and avid ski enthusiast, Jared Masters struggled to hit the slopes every year. Busy schedules, family ties, and worse, a lack of snow or short snow season often got in the way. But after Masters sold his manufacturing business, he discovered a way to experience the powder 365 days a year. The solution did not involve following the snow across the globe after Wisconsin’s snow season ended. Masters uncovered the answer in a SkyTechSport simulator – a machine even used by the US Ski Team. Today Urban Slopes helps skiers and snowboarders heat up their snow sports skills even when it’s 95 degrees outside. The simulator helps newbies to aces sharpen their skills, master new techniques, accelerate speeds and build stamina year-round. Urban Slopes keeps it real on and off the slopes. Four 20-foot-wide simulators generate physical forces that match the sensations of carving the slopes. The company caps off the authentic experience in a ski lodged fashioned after those found at the end of popular runs across the globe. Enjoy a craft beer from premier lodges in an ambient wood paneled room complete with ski chairs and vintage chairlifts. Masters dreams of bringing Urban Slopes to other locations. He plans to add a location near or in the Windy City and eventually open Urban Slopes franchises across the United States.
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